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Farm Animal Sanctuary

Janet Taylor founded the sanctuary in Middle Littleton, near Evesham in Worcestershire, in 1988 while working as a freelance journalist and researching farm animal issues. Now there are over 500 farm animals in her care – most of whom she knows by name! – rescued from markets, sheds and slaughterhouses. With only one employee, Janet relies on volunteers and donations to support her work, which is why farm animal adoption is perfect. By choosing to support this scheme, 50 per cent of your adoption fee will go directly into feeding and caring for your chosen adoptee. And with regular open days you can visit them too!  

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Viva! and Viva!Health have teamed up with Farm Animal Sanctuary to bring people a unique opportunity to make a difference to animals.

Our brand new scheme offers you the chance to adopt one (or more!) of eight adorable rescued farm animals for a minimum donation of £18 a year (in the UK)/£20 a year (EU and non-EU) or 2 a month by standing order. You or your chosen recipient will receive two updates as well as a photo and a certificate!

Your donation is shared between Viva! and the chosen sanctuary – directly helping one animal while contributing to campaigns to save thousands of others, as well as help human lives by revealing the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

It’s the perfect gift: the gift of life!

Adam the lamb

Adam the lamb was brought to the Sanctuary in March 2009 from a field where seven carcasses of ewes and lambs were found – ill, and worth nothing financially, they had been left to die as a result of pure neglect. Adam was found terrified, cold and hungry, standing next to his dead mother and sibling. Sadly this is commonplace; four million sheep die each year of cold, hunger, sickness, pregnancy complications or injury and one million lambs die of exposure within a few days of birth.

Luckily Adam was found by a passer by and taken to the Farm Animal Sanctuary. Despite having such a traumatic start in life, and needing special care when he arrived, Adam has flourished at the sanctuary, living in a warm barn, contentedly munching hay with his friends. He is gaining strength and is the leader of the lambs. He is a lovely, friendly boy and nothing fazes him.

You can now adopt Adam for just £18 per year. You’ll receive a photo of the cheeky chap, a certificate, and two updates per year to let you know how he’s getting on at the sanctuary. Funds are very tight, and your £18 donation would make a real difference.

The perfect gift – the gift of life!


Eating meat causes environmental destruction, contributes to global hunger and inflicts immense suffering on billions of animals across the world. Viva! is an animal campaigning organisation that believes that the solution to all these problems is in our own hands: to stop eating animals now. Through popular campaigns, solid research, undercover exposés and a nationwide tour of veggie roadshows, Viva! brings the reality of modern farming into people’s lives. Since its beginnings in 1994 Viva! has enlightened millions, shocked most and changed the diets of many. By adopting one farm animal, 25 per cent of you money goes towards Viva!’s campaigns to save thousands more and create a compassionate, cruelty-free tomorrow. www.viva.org.uk


Heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer – modern diseases are destroying the lives of millions and diet is one of the primary causes. Viva!Health is a charity that researches the impact of meat, fish and dairy on health, challenges myths and misinformation through carefully-researched campaigns, provides resources on veggie and vegan nutrition for health professionals and the public. By adopting an animal, 25 per cent of the fee goes towards educating people on how vegetarian and vegan diets are better for health and saving more lives – human ones! www.vivahealth.org.uk

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T: 0117 944 1000 E: adoptions@viva.org.uk